Welcome to Natadity

Creative ideas and useful tips

for primary school teachers, educators and parents

on how to inspire kids about a given subject,

how to teach them while having fun with them

and, what's very important,

how to understand them. 


What's coming?


for primary teachers, educators and parents

  1. "How to interest kids and to capture their attention"

  2. "Bilingualism and kids"

                     New book "Bilingual sandwich" is coming in 2021!


VIDEOS for primary teachers, educators and parents

Addition & multiplication


how to find the area?


Creative ideas on

how to prepare and teach kids:

  1. Counting for preschoolers

  2. Multiplication for 8-year-old kids 

  3. Finding the area for 10 to 11 years old kids 


When does it start and how

do we stop it? 


We find out:

  1. At what age it starts and how to notice

  2. Why?

  3. How to stop and how to behave


Natadity's services are available 

in English and French

Natadity supports bilingualism

and encourages schools, day cares and parents 

to teach our children 

a second language

and cultures. 

It would help them to broaden their horizon in understanding people and foster their emotional intelligence.

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