Hello dear primary teachers, educators and parents,


Welcome to NATADITY! 


NATADITY  was created in 2016 with a mission to encourage kids to become

lifelong learners!




By providing useful tips and examples for you, primary teachers, educators and parents!

As much as answering to specific questions, for example, "How could we help children to learn multiplication?", NATADITY also provides

answers to many general questions, as such as, "How could we teach kids so they would become more open-minded for new ideas?"

NATADITY simplifies the teaching process and makes it easy for adults and kids! 

In order to make learning process interesting and engaging, NATADITY uses various


techniques including ventriloquism, puppetry,


interactive games, dance and more!

You could witness that on YouTube channel NATADITY NATADITY


Please note: NATADITY promotes bilingualism.


A new book "Bilingual Sandwich" is coming! 

 Dear primary teachers, educators and parents,

 "Please don't damage the child's curiosity by saying that something is too hard for him or her to understand!

The worst thing is killing the child's hope for reaching his or her potential

or simply denying his or her value in society."


How helpful is BILINGUALISM?

  1. Develops creative thinking skills

  2. Improves multitasking skills

  3. Fights biases

         Why some bilingual parents

             give up on bilingualism? 

NATADITY provides four reasons 
 From 2016 to 2019
Natadity created educational shows with puppets and shadows

The children really enjoyed your show! It was very engaging, educational, and interactive! Tomorrow is our Water Play day, and we hope the children will have fun with the bubbles. Thank you so much for a fun filled puppet show!

Smart Start Montessori School


Puppet theatre "Do pirates recycle?"

  • Interactive educational show for kids             from 3-10 years old

  • Learning recycling through the story

  • Some shows were presented in both languages

Shadow theatre "Learn the Alphabet!"

  • Interactive shadow show for kids                 from 3-5 years old

  • Learning letters through the story of Three Little Pigs

  • Sing alphabet with Three Little Pigs!

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