"Alphabet letters and success at school"


For bilingual or unilingual educators, primary teachers, and parents with kids from 2.5 to 5 years old.

Informative dynamic conference with acting and ventriloquism!

The conference will be available in October!

Provided in English and French!

Reasons to attend the conference


🗸We want children to succeed at school.

🗸We want every child to be interested in learning letters.

🗸 We are looking for ways to teach kids letters.

🗸 We have bilingual children.

🗸We want to help kids start reading.

🗸We like dynamic conferences.



"Inside the sandwich"

COMING IN 202! !


It is a little bible which helps us understand a child as an individual. It gives us different examples intertwined with true life stories taken from different cultures. The purpose of the book is to help us, you, and me, to lead a child into their promising future. You will find many storytelling examples which might intertwine with your own life experiences. Do not miss it!!


Organised fridge letters!!

Coming for parents with kids from 3 years old and plus


You wonder how to teach kids letters and how to organize magnetic letters on your fridge? Good news! The organized magnetic letters will be available on Amazon in October 2021!



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