What’s Natadity? Why was it created?

What’s Natadity? Why was it created?

Welcome to Natadity! Thank you for your interest and attention in discovering our story and that what we stand for!

Natadity ENT is a natural growing enterprise which was founded by Nataliya Senyuk in 2016. As a language instructor, educator, babysitter, nurse, and mother, Nataliya was observing kids, learning different ways of teaching them in different languages and through the years she had developed a new approach.

Nataliya Senyuk had initiated a three-step approach in raising and teaching kids. The first step is based on understanding kids and their needs. The second step is to develop an understanding of who we are as adults, and growing ourselves together with kids. The last step – the most exciting one – is spiking up children’s interest for new undiscovered things.

How do we follow these three steps?

Having more than 15 years of experience (former bilingual daycare provider, bilingual language instructor, registered nurse, educational performer, and puppeteer) Nataliya came to the conclusion that nothing could be better for understanding kids, for learning more about ourselves, and for discovering the unknown than the use of the storytelling approach.

So, what exactly Natadity does?

Natadity creates an enchanting educational world for kids, their parents, and teachers by using storytelling approach inclusively with different arts, materials, and games as the base for teaching kids from 2.5 to 10 years of age. It advances help for parents and teachers on how to understand, encourage, and lead kids so that they will become lifelong learners.

Our value:

The storytelling teaching approach develops a child’s curiosity and love for learning which leads the young individual to personal fulfillment, accomplishments in the future and a happy life.

Natadity promotes the second language and believes that it has a positive impact on kids. Learning a second language not only improves children’s cognitive abilities but also helps them to embrace positively new experiences which in return helps our society to fight effectively against social biases.

Our vision:

Provide help to each parent and each teacher. Inspire every child from 2.5 to 10 years of age by storytelling edutainment.

Natadity accentuates on leadership, “How do we lead a child into their future? How could we help a child?” On a diagram, the child is surrounded by six influencers, such as parents, educators, primary teachers, and the rest of the environment - such as the community, peers, and media.

Natadity aims to reach each child and to help them become a lifelong learner, so that the new generations will have a higher percentage of happy and inventive people. Consequently, to lower the percentage of suicidal attempts of teenagers and young adults.

In order for the child to succeed, which means to feel accomplished in their life, all sources of influence should cooperate by taking preventive measures. In such attempts Natadity is trying to reach all sources of influence, so that we could lead the child cohesively into their promising future.

Thank you 😊

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